Monday, 10 February 2014

#2 - Motion sickness

Hello n assalammualaikum. I just got back from PD. As usual, I'm having motion sickness because ayah degil nak guna jalan kampung, instead of highway. Lagi dekat katanya. But padan muka, I puked in his car. BHAHAHAHHAHA *evil laugh* luckily sempat sambar plactic bag. Pheww.

There, we stayed at Grand Lexis Hotel. A lot of bloggers already reviewed about their stay at this hotel, just google it if you interested. Okay continue. Because I'm the one that came up with this hotel, so I'm quite nervous takut mak ayah tak suka. But alhamdulilah they like it! they like it more than I do!
*special thanks to the private pool*

Here are some pictures during our stay. Enjoy!

pool yang dijakunkan itu.

 2 katil saiz raja. :p


 Washroom, complete with bath amenities. Just bring your facial cleanser okay geng. Kehkehkeh

 Bercuti pun jangan lupa solat ya anak anak. :D

 P/s: Last but not least, selfie terbaik daripada kami. kehkehkeh. bye!


Friday, 7 February 2014

#1 - Again

Got sudden urge to write. I don't know why. Maybe its due to my freaking boring semester break. Blergh. Oh lupa. Assalammualaikum. *flipshawl* As you can see, the old and fuuuu lame posts have been deleted, so this gonna be my very first post (again). 

Actually, my sem break supposedly to be fun. I got a lot of plans, I mean fantastic plans to do. 

Plan A: Trip to Korea, need to be postponed due to my girlfriend, Luby's busy schedule. *sad face* But its okay. We got more time to prepare. n I hope that syiro, syawal n kuza can join us too. The more the merrier. Menabung cepat guyss!

Plan B: Visiting my cousins (they are more like sisters), nani n esah 's new house in Singapore. The girls just moved there recently. Tetttttt. This plan also cannot pakai, because I was admitted to hospital back then due to dengue fever. What a life huh.

 Kita hanya merancang Allah yang menentukan 

Last-last mak ayah ajak pegi PD on Sunday. I just booked a hotel room in Grand Lexis a few minutes ago. I read a lot of good reviews about this hotel and hoping it will meet my expectation. 

But despite all the plans failure, I think it is quite nice, staying at home, doing nothing. "tidur makan yak". kikikikiki *gelak tutup mulut*. 

p/s: now watching MLM. Hope the best team win. :D